Capexmove is a marketplace for loans that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts. We allow cryptocurrency owners to realise the value of those assets without having to liquidate them.
Capexmove built a marketplace for lending and investing purposes that generates smart contracts when borrowers and investors want to enter a loan agreement.
Yes, all loans are over collateralised with crypto assets.
No, all loans are underwritten by lenders on the Capexmove platform.
Currently, our MVP deploys smart contracts on the Rinkeby test network. Once live, Capexmove will use the Ethereum public blockchain.
No, Capexmove does not provide credit scores or performs any credit checks. Borrowers are eligible if they can provide the required collateral.
Yes, each loan issues a specific token that collects interest and principal payments for the bearer. These “debt tokens” are tradeable on the Ethereum blockchain.
No, all funds are sent to and received from the specific smart contract that represents the loan.