Our Platform's Features

Capexmove introduces an innovative solution in Debt Capital Markets. Financial institutions will be able to issue programmable debt that performs operations automatically, hold assets in custody, create tradable units, clear and settle all trades. Capexmove's solution increases efficiency, speed and transparency significantly.


Automation of Debt Servicing

Automate the debt servicing process by issuing programmable securities.


Debt Tokenisation

Tokenise existing or future debt to ease secondary market trading and securitisation.


Invest in Digital Debt Instruments

Leverage Capexmove’s technology to be able to invest and trade digital securities.



Greater Speed and Efficiency

Automation of clearing, settlement, and debt servicing operations.


Reduced Operational Costs

A significant decrease in operational costs compared to legacy systems.


Increased Liquidity

Digital assets can be pledged as collateral to obtain liquidity.



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