Our Platform Features

Capexmove decentralises debt capital markets by leveraging blockchain technology. Our platform allows individuals and enterprises to issue debt securities on the Ethereum network. It offers a compelling solution to the problem faced when they need funds but do not wish to liquidate their blockchain assets.

Security Tokenisation

Debt securities issued will be tokenised to ease trading in the secondary market, and security-token holders will benefit from coupon and principal payments.


Enhanced Transparency

Capexmove makes debt capital markets, consumer and business lending more transparent with blockchain smart contracts.


Increased Speed

Faster transaction processing and settlement performed by smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum public blockchain.

Core Benefits


For Borrowers

On Capexmove individuals or entities can leverage the value of their blockchain assets and get access to liquidity.


For Lenders

Lenders will have a more remunerative and secure solution to access a rapidly expanding and accessible borrower base.



Debt Securities will be tokenised so that investors will be able to trade their ERC-20 security-tokens in the secondary market.


Collateralised Loans

Loans will be collateralised with blockchain assets, that will be automatically transferred to the lenders in case of default.


Fiat Denominated Loans

To limit the effect of cryptocurrency volatility on the value of the loans, all debt securities will be denominated in fiat currency.


Lower Costs

Transactions will be managed and enforced by smart contracts leading a significant reduction in operational costs. Such benefits will be passed on to borrowers and lenders.



Jan 2017

Initial Development

Jul 2017

MVP Launch on Rinkeby Test Network

May 2018

Test of Concept

July 2018

Release Beta Platform

Dec 2018

Release Final Platform in the UK

Mar 2019

Launch Platform in the EU

Jul 2019

AI Implementation

Nov 2019

Our Team

Dario Scarcella

CEO (CO-Founder)

Background in Debt Capital Markets and Fixed-Income Securities. He leads the Capexmove’s business strategy.

Ashutosh Chauhan

CTO (CO-Founder)

More than a decade of experience developing software for global leaders. He leads the Capexmove’s technology strategy.

Cuneyt Eti

CFO (CO-Founder)

Former Senior Manager at EY London. Focus on risk management and data analytics. He leads Capexmove's financial strategy.

Andrey Pereverzin

Blockchain Developer

Java backend and Blockchain Developer with extensive experience in writing scalable banking applications.

Aradhya Mathur

AI Researcher

Currently pursuing PhD in applied Machine Learning techniques. He leads the AI strategy.

Zachary Palmer Laporte

Project Manager

Well-versed with token economic models and crypto market. He defines the economics of the Capexmove’s platform.

Tunc Karadag

Head of Design

Fifteen years of hands-on experience in UX design for award-winning solutions.

Brad Parmentier


Regulatory compliance expert and chartered accountant with 14 years of experience in investment banking.

Adam Lloyd-Lancelot


Strong professional experience with compliance and regulations in the financial sector.


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